and this forest will be a desert, 2010 C + A Projects 

   A stop motion video piece featuring the awe-inspiring music of Nordic-roots band, Wardruna, made in collaboration with Carolyn Radlo

   2 min. 33 sec. with audio  

   Glittering plastics, a toy polar bear and the beauty inherent in the things we're conditioned to be afraid of:  

   The imagery is of a plastic landscape; a translucent, sparkling pile of trash inhabited by a plastic polar bear (the poster-animal for campaigns against global warming - both a cute, picturesque animal and a fearsome, dangerous beast). 

   Text appears over the images- three different mythologies, three different fires - the stories are simplified versions of the battles and fire of Ragnarök, an account of a recent forest fire caused by changing weather patterns & Muhammad's ascent through the heavens to Firdaus. 

   Each layer reiterates the mythologizing of change, the fear of a new era and the beauty in the things of those changes, in destruction and in fire.