Cringe series, 2010 

    In 2009, my lover left for ten months to work at the very end of the earth. We maintained contact via phone conversations over a slow satellite connection, pausing after every statement for a few seconds to allow the other to speak. We talked everyday, sometimes for hours, until the connection crackled and sputtered away when the satellite set over the horizon.  

   More and more, as time went by, I'd find myself remembering with horror some embarrassing thing I'd said. Usually it was some inconsequential nonsense which no one else would find shameful, but I'd flinch and curse myself. After a while, I was flinching and cringing many times a day and it was clear that something needed to be done.  

   I began to use this arrestingly uncomfortable experience—photographing myself in this self-critical state as a way of acknowledging my shame so that I could let it go. After a year of recreating these cringes, they eventually calmed and the series was declared finished. 


 I was just a kid, I didn't know.

 I really shouldn't do impressions of people.

 But my band only ever managed to play one show.

 You did it again.

 You called him 'her'.

 Why did I bring up Poland?

 The problem with those walkie-talkies...

 ...the call button is opposite the head-set plug.

 I don't know everything.

 But, I really don't know what to talk about with a group of women.