Rice Relief, 2009/11  

C + A Projects 

   a stop motion video piece made in collaboration with Carolyn Radlo  

   2 min. 52 sec. with audio 

   Ruminating about food, privilege and poverty.  


   The film opens with the sound of running water and the washing of dishes. Then the animation begins. Grains of rice twist and swirl into fanciful arabesque shapes. Text appears over the images, snippets of observations and conversations all pointing to privileged attitudes about food, aid and need. Meanwhile the rice dances and the water runs creating a collage effect of images and impressions without solution or conclusion to the issues of inequality. 


   This project originated in a desire to play. The material at hand happened to be five pounds of white rice. As we progressed, we were struck by the distaste we felt playing with our food. This realization led us to contemplate the larger issues at hand.